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Praxis Basel

Kerstin offers the following methods:

  • Pohltherapy®

  • Emotions- und Bodycode

Sensomotorische Körpertherapie Schweiz Kerstin Rinkenauer Basel Pohltherapie Energiearbeit

Kerstin Rinkenauer

I am not native but at least I try to offer my service in English as fluent as possible.

In my first life, I did my exams as an ophthalmic optician and worked couple of years before I found myself going for ambulance services. Since 22 years, I work as a paramedic in medical service.

My way led me to sensomotoric body therapy: functional anatomy of the completely human body.

Ever since, I felt comfortable in emergency medicine and care - making straight decisions - verifying those by reassessment - getting fast results.

Due to the variety of situations this profession brings with it, there is nothing left to be desired when it comes to experience. 

With giving birth to my two children, my desire grew to get answers to questions the conventional medicine is unable to offer solutions, even though there is new syndromes popping up repeatedly.  

The human body is a masterpiece created by nature as every cell is working together perfectly tuned. If something went wrong, it certainly effects the rest of the body as well.

Why do we have to be split into parts? Where is the big picture? There might be a cure - but therefor we have to get to the cause. 

Sensomotoric body therapy got me because of focusing of the origin of complaints.

The variety of uses is comparable with emergency medicine somehow. 

How to take positive influence on labor already during pregnancy I was able to experience by myself, by using Pohltherapy®.

Even how to positively affect the healing process of multiple bone fracture and resulting surgeries I experienced personally, by being threated with Pohltherapy®. 

Always it is the capacity what is first priority. What is going to happen when our body is not capable of deliver any more due to self-exploitation? Why is it, usually we do not care about ourselves until our body seems to cream:




Prevention of chronical complaints due to situations is always best...

My customers realized the importance of self-care and do not get lost in conventional medicine. It always is refreshing and makes me happy to be part of the positive transformation my customers go through. 

Let's make this short: Conventional western medicine does not have the universal answer - nor do we. However, by always, staying focused on the big picture and the origin we could get results in the past conventional medicine was not capable of.


We combine Pohltherapy® with new experience and new knowledge we gain.

Moreover, sensomotoric body treatment named after Dr. Helga Pohl® - or short: Pohltherapy® is our groundwork.

I really do look foorward to supporting you!


Praxis Basel

There is any question? Do not hesitate to contact me! 

Please let me know your mobile and best time of reaching. I am going to respond as soon as possible!

Thank you for contacting me! I am going to respond as soon as possible!

You prefer to book directly an appointment?

Colmarerstrasse 43 
4055 Basel

077 - 475 78 98

You can also reach  me on whatsapp!
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